• Chemdeck Covered Grating

    Chemdeck® is a long-lasting, molded one-piece fiberglass floor product that combines slip-resistant Chemplate® floor plate with corrosion-resistant Chemgrate® grating. The top plate is integrally-molded to the supporting bars for a strong, long lasting surface which provides approximately 50% higher stiffness values than open grating. Chemdeck comes in standard panel sizes with either a 1/8" or 1/4" deep plate applied to standard depths of grating. Chemdeck is available in all four Chemgrate resin systems - FS-25, FGI-AM, CP-84 and VE-25 - offering a variety of colors that complement most walking surfaces.

  • Fibergrate Covered Grating

    Covered molded grating manufactured with Fibergrate resin includes an 1/8" deep fiberglass gritted plate cover secondarily affixed to any Fibergrate molded grating panel. Covered grating offers a strong, level surface for foot or cart traffic and provides approximately 50% higher stiffness values than that of open mesh grating. Its standard grit-top cover assures secure footing.