Originally designed to meet United States Navy specifications (ELS resin system) for air intake screens on ships, AirMesh® molded FRP screening is now available for use in marine, commercial and general industrial applications. AirMesh is 1/2" deep, 1-1/2" square mesh screening with 1/8" thick bars available in 4' x 8' panels. To meet a wide range of requirements, AirMesh is available in all standard Fibergrate® molded resin systems. This advanced screen features an 87% open area, allowing a generous airflow and a standard smooth surface for worker safety. This open area also contributes to the light weight of AirMesh, making it easier to install. Corrosion resistant, anti-magnetic and nonconductive, AirMesh provides long, reliable life, even in the most demanding conditions.

AirMesh is designed for safety. Its mesh is close enough to prevent hands from coming into contact with fan blades or other moving pieces of equipment. AirMesh is available in a wide range of colors dependent on resin system, making it ideal as a visible safety screen over openings for rotating equipment.