Multigrid® is a 1/2" deep multipurpose lightweight FRP grating. With its 3/16" bars which are slightly thicker than AirMesh, Multigrid can be used as fully supported slip-resistant flooring in areas such as food processing facilities and other areas where wet or slippery conditions exist. Multigrid also provides a sturdy, cost-effective, protective walkway for trickling filter media, preventing damage to media when plant personnel inspect and service the rotary distributor. The 2" x 2" mesh size ensures continuous application of wastewater and suspended solids without plugging.

This product can also be used for a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional applications including machinery guards, fencing, space dividers in factories and warehouses and cages for tools, equipment and animals. Safety barriers or cages are another common use where di-electric or corrosive conditions require protection for working personnel. Multigrid is available in 4' x 12' and 4' x 15' panels.