Micro-Mesh® fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) access flooring system is designed as a low cost alternative to aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other materials in applications where corrosion resistant under-floor access and unobstructed air flow is required. Lightweight, 2' x 2' Micro-Mesh panels are easily removed, providing ready access to electrical conduits, air supply plenums and service lines.

Micro-Mesh panels are the right choice to minimize vibration from rolling cart or wheelchair traffic. The ADA compliant 1/2" open area between bearing bars also prevents small tools and other objects from falling through the grating to the surface below. The "15 mm ball test" requirement, common in Europe and in offshore applications, is easily met by Micro-Mesh panels.

Adjustable quad-head grating pedestals allow for a fast, smooth installation and readily adjust to sub-floor contour to provide a level flooring surface. Micro-Mesh panels come standard with a smooth top and are also available with meniscus and applied grit tops.
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